Thursday August 25, 2016
BREAKING NEWS .. Halal Meat wholly unacceptable for HindusSimply put ahimsa (non violence) dictates that a Hindu should not cause unnecessary suffering, hence, unless eating meat is NECESSARY for survival, Hindus have no reason to eat meat. The fact that it may taste pleasant to some does not justify the taking of a life to assuage the desires of the palate. The fact that Halal meat production inflicts even greater suffering makes it even more unacceptable to a Hindu. read more

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Dharma Rising - Shri Rajivji at the Jaipur Literary Festival.

Dharma Rising - Shri Rajivji at the Jaipur Literary Festival.

Academic Scrutiny or Intellectual Terrorism?

The wisdom of an indigenous civilisation is enshrined in its traditions, culture and above all spiritual practices. At what point does Academic scrutiny become Intellectual Terrorism? Like all assaults, the vicitim's voice tells all.

Dharma Rising - Dr Subramanian Swamy...

Dharma Rising - Dr Swamy speaking on the litigation against Sonia Gandhi and other issues.